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Spred.io is free game on iogames.lol . You can play Spred.io in your browser and mobile for free. You have 1 objective: overcome 90 % of the map. To do this you will certainly should transform as much ceramic tiles as feasible and also to eliminate various other cells to declare their area. Develop a citadel to shield your region, or thrill aggresively your challengers depends on you.
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Date: 2017-03-30

12 Users Played

Everytime you eliminate a gamer you acquire all his area other than his wall surfaces.
You could terminate toxin to damage an adversary or to ruin his wall surface.
You could terminate food to assist somebody or to update a wall surface.
Your very own wall surfaces allow you pass yet obstruct the opponents.
While divided you cannot terminate poisonous substance or transform any type of ceramic tile.
In order to win you should transform as much ceramic tiles as feasible, your region brings you mass every secs so safeguard it well. To do this you could construct wall surface around it, nonetheless wall surfaces do not create any kind of mass.

w or z : Fire food
x : fire poison
c : Build wall at your mouse position (cost 70 m)
v : Destroy your own wall at your mouse position and get a small refund
Space : Split

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